Friday, September 28, 2012

Swaps at YPP

Happy Friday all.

Hope that your weekend is going tobe something great. Mine will be...starting off going fishing with my sweetie. If you know me, fishing is not me. Reason being, I remember when I was a child going fishing with my Grandmother, getting up early, sitting waiting for a fish to bite...and ultimately getting a hook caught in my finger. So we'll see how today goes. I DO NOT want to touch any nasty stinky worms.. yuck!!!

Well, I've been busy playing craft lady and having fun. I participated in my first swaps at Your Paper Pantry (YPP).  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of my 2 swaps I participated in. I hope it's liked; what I did. The last one was an altered spoon project with Candyce. I tell you the truth; this was a fun challenge. At first I did not know which direction I wanted to go with it, but it came together. It really made me think and I used things I already had in my stash. I looked at my project at the end and thought that it looks like something you'd see in a store for maybe $12 or $20 dollars. I'm proud of'on gurl!

I didn't use too many products on it, but it did take a while. I'm not the type (right now) that has a complete image in my head of the finished product. It comes together as I go along. I wanted it to be able to hang. The leaves are fall colors. The flowers are I Am Roses. I made the pin using beads I had on hand. The timeless is a part of a Stampin' Up stamp. The back is also finished with sentiment.

I inked the back because of the area was not covered and would be visible.

This is the back of the spoon. Even though I inked it, I wanted it to be pretty also.

Hope you all enjoyed the share.

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