Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Good morning all,  hope you all had a great Memorial Day. Mine has been bitter sweet. As a veteran and knowing what it means to serve and sacrifice, THANK YOU to all who serve our country and do it willingly. Thank you to all those who fight for our freedom (which we sometimes take for granted), thank you to the families who support therir loved ones through their words and actions, every hug, every kiss, every kind word and word of encouragement.

To all those who have passed on; you will not be forgotten.

I made my card this morning because yesterday I was too tired. I liked the image of the soldier with the tear coming down his cheek; it spoke volumes to me.

Not soon after finishing the card, I got a call that my grandmother was sick and within an hour another call that she had passed away.  Who would have thought the tear coming down...I'd be doing the same.

I believe in God, but could not get a word out of my mouth. My heart is hurting and I feel like something has been snatched out of me. No blood, no visible scar, but it hurts so deeply.

I didn't do a lot of embellishments on the card because I wanted the face to speak and be the focal point of the card. I wanted to vintage image behind to remind us of those who we've fought for and those who uphold us.

On the sentiment, I smeared the red for the blood that was shed...kind of like a mark from a bloody finger.

Well, that's all folks. I still have cards to work on for a swap and a graduation card to complete.

Be blessed and know that God still sits on the throne.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stampin' Up! (pause)...Stamps Retiring

wow...that would make a great news flash, but anywho

Good morning all. It's Sunday and I'd prefer it revert to Saturday...(longer weekend). But anyway, I became a Stampin' Up rep to a while ago to help me build my inventory of stamps, papers, brads, etc...all the things we like. I like the ribbon, but as you can see from a previous post I have a bit that I need to use up first. So my first order was my kit which I modified. I was so excited I had already created a wish list of the stamps I wanted. I wish I had sent the entire order in because now, some of the stamps I want are on the retiring list.

good thing for eBay....(i think and hope). I was going to place another order in July, but with the retiring stamps, I've placed another short order to get a few of them. Too bad a  girl can't have everything she wants.

I ordered a few Christmas stamps to begin working on my Christmas cards in July after all the family has visited sunny Florida and gone back home.

And now with the new catalog coming out....O...M...G.... can you hear the yippee in my voice!!!!!? My wish list will be never ending.

So if you are interested in Stampin' Up stamps, be sure to order early before they are gone...1st come 1st get.

Head over to Stampin' Up to see a list of the retiring stamps.

Be blessed

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have been busy

Hi everyone and welcome to this beautiful Saturday at Chocolate Purples.

It's the weekend and I finally completed some cards and got them mailed out. The inspiration for this card came from Random Acts of Creativity. I've learned that I need to create a calendar that sits on my desk that has b-day's, anniversary, holidays...at a glance for the month. I need to work a month ahead.

My mother's day cards were late, well some on time and some late.
I liked the butterfly on the card, I thought it made it real summery and you know butterflies like flowers

I got to use some brads and ribbon that is always out of sign. The sentiment I did on the computer. The inside has coordinating card stock. For me it finishes the look of the card.

This card gave me a fight. I tried using glue instead of using up my adhesive and the glue would not hold. I had to apply it maybe 2- 3 times, but it finally stuck. You can see the warps/waves in the embossed layer. Not sure what I did, but it adds a bit of uniqueness to the card. I was happy with it. I was excited to finally get to use some of my Stampin' Up stamps. I used the same sentiment for both cards. I used the spellbinders (I believe labels 9).

I also made an envelope for the inside of this card. I'm trying to use up/recycle the packing paper that comes in the packages. I used some fiskars scissors to make the edge a bit more frilly.

This card was a last minute card. I usually send my aunt a birthday card. I got the calendar reminder, but got busy doing other things and totally forgot to send one.
I have tons of cards that I've bought over the years for last minute sending, but since I started making cards, I wanted to send her a handmade one. It's simple and I hope she likes it.

My mom's birthday is Monday, and I made her a simple card. The floral paper is what I liked most and wanted to use on the card. I didn't have any brown bias tape so I used some Tim Holtz vintage photo to die the ribbon and it came out pretty good. The card has a more vintage look than what I was going for, but overall I like it. 

I want to get more organized, I want to start sharing with you all what papers and embellishments I use. I'm so excited and proud of the work I do. I must admit, I don't always like the outcome and am sometimes challenged coming up with an idea, but I'm learning so much.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A New Fav

This has become one of my favorite desserts/breakfast foods/go to snacks. When I first made this, it was gone in a week and I had to make another for the weekend. I've used the recipe for the glaze and have tried some of the suggestions of using cream cheese icing. I like them both. This last one I made, I think it came out a bit dry. Reason being is that I mixed the butter in the batter instead of pouring it directly into the bottom of the pan and then pouring the batter on top. To me the batter on top of the butter makes the cake better, more moist.  (sorry, didn't get a picture before cutting) :)
This time I used the cream cheese icing. Since I like sweets, I think next time I will use the glaze and add the cream cheese icing as an extra on the side. I gave a piece to a church member and she absolutely thought it was de-lish. Since I've made it multiple times, the previous ones, I like the texture a lot better. This one has a coffee cake texture to me. I've learned my lesson but will still eat this or give it away at church and make another. More than likely, I will slice it and take it to Wed nite bible study. I know how I like mine to taste.

Well Happy Monday and have a God day.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Organization than Crafting

Ok, another attempt at organization. Since moving to a smaller house, I have less room for crafting and this means things have to be put away. I need and want to see my things and know what I have. Right now, ribbon is store just about all around me. I had put some ribbon (just basic colors) in a basket, ran a dowel through the centers, and had them at the back of my desk, but this meant only a few could be out at one time.

the digging box

another dig

extra ribbon, larger ribbon, sequins etc

Extra ribbon was stored in a box, tucked away.

I think I may have a temporary solution. All less than 3 yards, will be put on a clothespin. I have some ribbon 5 yards and over. What am I going to do with that?
I started last night and did not get far.

This along with the other ribbon still in the case, the box, the bin... you name it, is what is left.
ribbon to wound

Sadly, I am behind on sending my mother's day card out. I know, I know. I'm learning to work ahead; I am so new to card making. Well of to completing my cards....TO---DAY!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Welcome to Blogging

I finally, finally joined the blogger. I am so new to this, but here it goes. 

First step of recovery is admitting so here it goes. Hi, my name is Anita...and I am a craftaholic. That wasn't so painful. I enjoy crafting of all kinds. Sewing, cards, altered projects, home deco; at least for now. This blog will help me journal what I'm doing. There are no boundaries to what will I will journal.

Can't wait to share,
Be Blessed