Monday, October 29, 2012

Swaps at YPP

Happy Monday all. I have been busy with swaps and a few other things. I finally got my swaps out the door and I liked and enjoyed them all. I'm still learning. I need to visualize a project to the end and then start putting it together instead of working as I go along. I've been art journaling and am enjoying it. I now have multiple journals available for use. I cleaned my desk and found some old books that will work great.

I participated in 3 swaps, vintage Christmas cards, altered domino, and artsy envelopes.

I've also decided that I will join a mail swap group. Altering and making the envelopes is great. It gives me a chance to use of scrap papers, magazine pages, maps, etc. I'm looking forward to it. I've gotten a few names and hope to write about 5 letters this week.

I haven't in a while, but want to participate in an event at Scraps of Color. Not sure what yet.

Well here are the altered items I've made. Time to get started on Christmas cards. I added snowtex to each of them.

I wanted my postcards to be mailable as postcards so I kept them simple. The last on I got a bit stumped on.

The dominoes I wanted to do Christmas themes since there was no theme required. I luv the way they came out.

I added beads to the one on the left and the right. The center one I added glitter flakes.

I stamped sentiments on card stock and glued them to the back of the ribbons.

These are my envelopes. I like them all but must say the one on the top left is my fav. I like the dark sky colors and looks like the trees are in front of the sky. I used paints, napkins, watercolor crayons. I like them.

Hope you enjoyed the visit.

Be blessed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Art Journaling

Hi all. I've been learning some new things and art journaling is one of them.  I love the creativity and freedom it gives. Nothing is wrong, nothing has to be perfect and I can create whatever. I had most of the items already except for a stencils. I learned a lot just from doing this one page. I also found a way to use up some Halloween paper I have. I am not big on Halloween, but n-tee-who here is my page.

I used paint from Michael's since I'm just trying this. I printed out the image on plain paper and started. My original thought was for wings behind him, but once I cut them out I could only find one on my desk.

OK, so what went wrong.
1. I don't like glossy mod podge.
2. I did not mode podge the entire page.
3. I used too much modge podge, hence the wrinkles in his face.
4. My rub-ons (play & laugh) got stuck to the page and covered up his name.


I luv the modeling paste
I luv the way it came together
Luv the elements that represent this young man
Luv that I used paper that I want to get rid off but incorporated on the page...I like them.

Overall, I am really proud of my 1st try. I so love that anything goes. The little mummy is from a swap at YPP. I have not decided what I'm going to journal today but have a few thoughts. I the matte collage pauge, which I will be trying...sure it will.

I think I'm going to have to stick a post it at my desk the things I want to journal so I do them and don't forget.

Well all, just wanted to share my 1st art journaling page.

Remember no matter what; this is the day that our Lord has made and I [we] shall rejoice and be glad in it.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Good Morning

We're up and off to the races. I found this blog actually a while ago but was not a blogger but since blogging and carrying my crafting a bit further I decided to participate. I so enjoy reading about other crafters' projects, seeing their inspiration desks, and seeing that I'm not the only one who leaves a crafting trail.

The stuff on my desk needs to be organized. I emptied out a small crate that I originally purchased to organize and store my scraps but somehow it became a dumping ground for everything small. Well, I got it emptied and now have to find homes for them. The tags on the left need a home and right in from of them are some Maya Road and Michael's chipboard pieces that need a home. The fabric under the tag bag needs a home and so do the birds nest center stage. I also found in the stash some papers I had embossed but decided not to use for whatever reason and now make a some type of card with them. No need throwing good paper away.

You can see the blue baskets that should be for paper scraps, well right now the one on the table has other stuff in it and the one on the floor has "all" of the paper scraps. I originally wanted solid colors in one and the other would be for designs (floral, dots, masculine, butterfly, glittered, stripes, holiday, etc).

I first thought about putting those items in this bag and letting it hang, but did not like it. I "originally" bought this Ikea crochet bag to hang in my closet but it has yet to make it to the bedroom. So back to brainstorming.

Aside from cleaning my area, I need to begin working on some projects. The due date always comes before you know it and I usually end of changing my mind on how I want to put the project together.

Happy bloggers, walk in faith today and know that God is and God can. There is nothing too great for God, even when it seems too big for us [to handle]. Praying God shows up in the midst of our situation[s] and not only speaks a word but delivers us [again].

Be blessed

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm a Disney Girl

Well, some people think they know you oh so well, but they don't. Well, my baby sis knows me well. She sent this to my family and we all knew who she was referring to.

When I got this all I could do was laugh. I SOOOOOOOOOOOO enjoy going to Disney. I could go everyday but my family does not feel the same way. I'm lucky if I get twice a month out of them.

Part time Disney partner 1

Part time Disney partner 2
So between the two, I try to get in a few Disney days. I don't think I've been since July and it is I am wayyyyyyyy over due.
Right now is the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and I will go for a bit. It is not one of my Disney top to do because I am very picky when it comes to food and different food textures. It's just something to do.

I don't have a favorite park or season, however, I think I enjoy the Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights and Christmas time at all the parks. Something about Christmas at Disney, it brings me joy. My sister, when she comes during Christmas we have to go.

I am a Disney girl who enjoys going to Disney, no matter the day rain or shine. So guess I have a Disney day coming.

God Be Praised