Thursday, September 27, 2012


Happy Thursday. one more day....

I have been busy and lazy....and enjoying both. I've also been crafting which beats all. I've learned that I create better (or can me be more focused) with classical & opera music playing. Some of the artist/tunes I found I enjoy are Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca: flower sounds so beautiful. Yo-Yo Ma: air & simple gifts, Antonio Wit: Symphony No. 5 in E minor, Op. 64 : I. Andante - Allegro con anima, Anne Akiko Meyers, English Chamber Orchestra,  and on and on. I like being able to hear the different instruments, the crescendos. I don't know the term, but a heavier sounding instrument playing beneath a softer sounding tone; at that moment, hearing the songs duplicity... ahhhh, I am enjoying it!  I'm new to this so I am seeking out music to listen to. I don't think I'm ready or have the time to learn how to listen to opera, but I can still enjoy it.

I have made these cookies at least 6 times and how 'bout the previous time before this one I forgot to add the brown sugar and had to add it AFTER they had sat in the frig. Well, they did not turn out as I liked them but my family still enjoyed them. I put them on a vintage cake tray and what doesn't fit goes in a ziploc.  These cookies do not last long at my house. Thinking about it now, I may make another batch.

Well bloggers, just wanted to send an update. All is well and if it's not it will be.

Be God blessed!

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