Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's End

Hello blog friends. Well, summer is almost over...where did it go so quickly? I remember the hot days, but not much else. Anyway, to celebrate [excuse to get together] some old and new friends got together. Thank you Rosa and Joyce for hosting. We always have a good time when. I enjoyed meeting some new people and always like making new friends. 

You ever go to a friends home and feel like you're "at home"? That's how I feel at their home. We sat around, laughed, ate, talked, laughed some more, talked some more, and enjoyed each others company.

Helpers in the kitchen always make food better; especially when you get to simply site and enjoy.

This is our comedian. She keeps us laughing.
Enid, always ready.

Oh my goodness, on these two pictures I was trying to use the panoramic setting on my camera. I'm still learning it and I can see where the split was. Some people are not in the picture and some folks were split in half.  The automatic nor the manual setting seemed to match up 100%, but I think that is just user error. Or as a coworker used to say it's the ESTO setting (equipment smarter than operator). I'll figure it out...just hope i can remember the next time I need to use it though. :)

Of course a get together would not be complete with cards or dominoes. I'm not sure who won the game though.

I think these are the "talkers" from right to left. We were laughing about when we have prayer and some folks pray too long (it's a joke). But praying can be long winded at times. Thank God he answers though.

Sitting on the patio relaxing. A few folks went for a late nite swim, but I knew how I was without sleep so turned in early (if you consider past 10pm early). I awoke rested and I know they were glad.

We were missing one person from the picture. I did not think to take a group picture until we everyone was getting ready to leave. 

Well I just wanted to share my weekend with you all. I have the greatest sisters and thank God for each of them. I'm looking forward to our next get together/outing. Hope the holiday was relaxing and enjoyed by all.

Have a great Tuesday.

Be blessed.

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