Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My a Mess

Good Morning All,

I always wait to the last minute to participate on the WOYWW blog, at least as far as taking the picture. I need to set a reminder in my phone. Wednesday comes at the same time each week; go figure.

I've been working on a mini album for a week now. I cannot seem to get an entire day in on this thing. Today, I have at least 3 more pages to cover and hopefully by tomorrow or Friday I can get it in the cover. I'm using the DCWV The Primrose stack. This paper is so pretty and girly. I had 3 packs but took one back. From each stack I think I can get 2 large (med) minis and a few small ones from the scraps.
Looking at this picture now, I can see that the lamp and the caddy are taking up a lot of valuable desk space. Organizing is a never ending task.
Happy creating all. Enjoy.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Vintage Made New

Hi all,

Hope you are having a happy Friday. I know I's Fridayyyyyyy! The week has been long and trying to get my craft room straightened has been a feat. I would say it's about 90% long as I don't go out and buy anything else.

I brought in my tool box a few days ago; which is where I store my things for making jewelry and my vintage pieces. Some of these earrings cost maybe $0.50  to a few dollars and the brooches I may have paid $10 for a few but less for most. Some, I've already moved to my jewelry box and have been wearing. I decided it's time to convert all the earrings with the screw on backs to pierced. I don't know how they wore those back then, but they hurt your ears. And don't be jumping, the thing is liable to fly off.
screw posts

This is what is in the drawer now. Most of the items on the left are brooches. I don't know how but I found two similar bracelets from two different stores in two different cities. One is jade and the other is a turquoise bracelet. I haven't worn them yet. The brown pieces on the left behind the bracelets came from a pair of sandals I had that broke, so I took the pieces off and will add an earring post to the them. The lone blue and white earring, I cannot find the mate. I must have used it on something else.

This brooch reminded me of my mom. My mom used to have a necklace that had a beautiful pendant on it that opened and inside the pendant was this perfumed cream that smelled really good. I wish she still had it, I'd claim it and wear it now. This one; I don't think what's in here smells good. It may have back then. I 've got to clean it out before I wear it.

Now some of these earrings, although vintage, are a bit gaudy and I cannot see myself wearing them, they may end up being used for another project.

<---the gaudy sisters--->
These are a few that I can see wearing with a summer dress. They are light and playful. The pink ones at top are buttons that I will be cutting the back off of and adding an earring post. One of the orange flowers is missing the back. I can even see the shoes with this outfit.
Great for summer
The top two I can see going with a nice sundress or Sunday at church. The bottom one reminds me of Christmas and poinsettias. 
These I'm classifying as my "church lady earrings" hehehe. Now the big ones with the gray stone....I don't know when or where I will wear those.  
Church lady earrings

These belonged to my grandmother. I am working on these first; they will be for my mom. Some of them are really big (to me) for such a small woman (my grandmother). I hope to someday pass them down to my daughter. I will share some of the finished earrings once the posts arrive and I've completed them. I shouldn't be to difficult. I've already started cutting the screw posts off.  
Well ladies, the next time you see a pair of vintage earrings that you adore but have the screw posts, don't pass them up. They can be converted. Clean them, redo them, and wear a piece of history.
Be blessed and have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 240

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I'm participating in Stamping Ground's WOYWW.  I enjoy checking out crafting that's going on elsewhere, I enjoy seeing the messy desks, the flow of creativity trapped in the rooms of the crafters, and knowing that when they are crafting they are enjoying it and being filled with joy and happiness. Even when we get frustrated when something does not turn out the way we told/wanted it to, crafting is our fresh air, our fun place.

Still [trying to] get my craft room organized. I ordered a few Whimsy stamps a few weeks ago and decided to pull them out and play with them. I'm still learning how to not get bleed thru with my copics.  I was also trying to put up a pegboard over my art journaling desk, but my screws were not long enough so I took it down until I can get to the hardware store.

Well here are my desks.
This is my art journaling desk. It's the first desk I had and the top has paint stains. I've since (after the paint) put a plexi glass on top and on top I that I put packaging paper for paint drips and that piece will eventually be cut down to be used in journal. The peg board will be on the wall behind (hopefully by Fri/Sat). Desk is in the middle of transition/cleaning

I use this desk for "clean" projects. The pile of notebooks on the left are being worked on. They will be altered notebooks for Valentine's Day. See the one under the eraser, I'm going to paint and alter 4 more...this one was the test tummy. The rack holding up the glue storage came from the other desk. Why can't organizing be done once and for all? Well today is not a craft day, but I'm working on cleaning and organizing my closet.
I put up 2 Ikea racks for my purses but think I need one more. This is just one of them.
Hope you all are having a fantabulous day.
Be Blessed.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Hello All and hope you had a joyous Christmas and that your New Year is a blessed one. I am claiming blessings for my household in 2014.

I am finished moving; thank God. Moving is tiring and strenuous work. Getting everything back in its place and trying to find things. The one thing I did not like about moving....NO CRAFTING. I put everything into my craft space and I am still getting it together. I need another expedit from Ikea. Even though they hold quite a bit, the ones I have are not enough and since I wanted to keep my bookshelf (the walmart/target kind) I don't have room for 2 large ones. There's nothing wrong with it so I don't want to throw it out.
The bookshelf stills needs to be [better] organized...HA!. Once I get the other expedit, some of that stuff will come off along with the clear paper containers on the floor. I liked them when I got them, but now realize they take up quite a bit of space. The brown paper on top of the clear storage was packaging from when I ordered things. I now use it to cover my desk when I'm art journaling and then I cut it up to use it in the art journal. The bells on the third shelf are being packed into the Christmas stuff. I will be using them next Christmas on a wreath. Let's see if I can find them then.

I kept my fabric storage chest that I got for I think $20 from a garage sale. I need to start using some of the fabric. I've got scrap fabric in the garage that I need to use or toss. The lamp on my desk...I'm so proud of me. I found it at the Goodwill back in November. I paid $7 for it. Around Christmas time, we went to a few antique stores and I saw the same one for $30. Yippee Yippee Cah Yeah....I luv for other crafty things.

I have not really been in my craft room a lot other than to "try" to get it organized. I did make a few cards. I made a Christmas card for a neighbor and a thank you card for a young lady at church.
For the Christmas card, I used the Stampin' Up lovely as a tree stamp and snowflake embossing folder along with Tim Holtz Distress Ink . To get the look of snow, I dipped a toothbrush in bleach and flicked the bleach onto the stamped image. The 2nd card I can't remember if it was a Raisin Boat stamp or another. I think I may have used another stamp was Fiskars Latte Love stamp. I started making a few cards using the Raisin Boat but they aren't done.


Other than that, no crafting. I'm itching to play in my art journal but it won't be today. I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday and today they need to be back in the garage, but I've got to attempt to get it semi organized to get it in there.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and it's a new year and a new time to celebrate and another day to give God praise.

Be Blessed