Monday, May 21, 2012

A New Fav

This has become one of my favorite desserts/breakfast foods/go to snacks. When I first made this, it was gone in a week and I had to make another for the weekend. I've used the recipe for the glaze and have tried some of the suggestions of using cream cheese icing. I like them both. This last one I made, I think it came out a bit dry. Reason being is that I mixed the butter in the batter instead of pouring it directly into the bottom of the pan and then pouring the batter on top. To me the batter on top of the butter makes the cake better, more moist.  (sorry, didn't get a picture before cutting) :)
This time I used the cream cheese icing. Since I like sweets, I think next time I will use the glaze and add the cream cheese icing as an extra on the side. I gave a piece to a church member and she absolutely thought it was de-lish. Since I've made it multiple times, the previous ones, I like the texture a lot better. This one has a coffee cake texture to me. I've learned my lesson but will still eat this or give it away at church and make another. More than likely, I will slice it and take it to Wed nite bible study. I know how I like mine to taste.

Well Happy Monday and have a God day.

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