Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Good morning all,  hope you all had a great Memorial Day. Mine has been bitter sweet. As a veteran and knowing what it means to serve and sacrifice, THANK YOU to all who serve our country and do it willingly. Thank you to all those who fight for our freedom (which we sometimes take for granted), thank you to the families who support therir loved ones through their words and actions, every hug, every kiss, every kind word and word of encouragement.

To all those who have passed on; you will not be forgotten.

I made my card this morning because yesterday I was too tired. I liked the image of the soldier with the tear coming down his cheek; it spoke volumes to me.

Not soon after finishing the card, I got a call that my grandmother was sick and within an hour another call that she had passed away.  Who would have thought the tear coming down...I'd be doing the same.

I believe in God, but could not get a word out of my mouth. My heart is hurting and I feel like something has been snatched out of me. No blood, no visible scar, but it hurts so deeply.

I didn't do a lot of embellishments on the card because I wanted the face to speak and be the focal point of the card. I wanted to vintage image behind to remind us of those who we've fought for and those who uphold us.

On the sentiment, I smeared the red for the blood that was shed...kind of like a mark from a bloody finger.

Well, that's all folks. I still have cards to work on for a swap and a graduation card to complete.

Be blessed and know that God still sits on the throne.

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