Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have been busy

Hi everyone and welcome to this beautiful Saturday at Chocolate Purples.

It's the weekend and I finally completed some cards and got them mailed out. The inspiration for this card came from Random Acts of Creativity. I've learned that I need to create a calendar that sits on my desk that has b-day's, anniversary, a glance for the month. I need to work a month ahead.

My mother's day cards were late, well some on time and some late.
I liked the butterfly on the card, I thought it made it real summery and you know butterflies like flowers

I got to use some brads and ribbon that is always out of sign. The sentiment I did on the computer. The inside has coordinating card stock. For me it finishes the look of the card.

This card gave me a fight. I tried using glue instead of using up my adhesive and the glue would not hold. I had to apply it maybe 2- 3 times, but it finally stuck. You can see the warps/waves in the embossed layer. Not sure what I did, but it adds a bit of uniqueness to the card. I was happy with it. I was excited to finally get to use some of my Stampin' Up stamps. I used the same sentiment for both cards. I used the spellbinders (I believe labels 9).

I also made an envelope for the inside of this card. I'm trying to use up/recycle the packing paper that comes in the packages. I used some fiskars scissors to make the edge a bit more frilly.

This card was a last minute card. I usually send my aunt a birthday card. I got the calendar reminder, but got busy doing other things and totally forgot to send one.
I have tons of cards that I've bought over the years for last minute sending, but since I started making cards, I wanted to send her a handmade one. It's simple and I hope she likes it.

My mom's birthday is Monday, and I made her a simple card. The floral paper is what I liked most and wanted to use on the card. I didn't have any brown bias tape so I used some Tim Holtz vintage photo to die the ribbon and it came out pretty good. The card has a more vintage look than what I was going for, but overall I like it. 

I want to get more organized, I want to start sharing with you all what papers and embellishments I use. I'm so excited and proud of the work I do. I must admit, I don't always like the outcome and am sometimes challenged coming up with an idea, but I'm learning so much.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. Oo wow, Anita. Your cards are so so beautiful. I'm glad you desided to start blogging. I't would be sad if the world couldn't see your creations :)
    Eret xx