Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Hello All and hope you had a joyous Christmas and that your New Year is a blessed one. I am claiming blessings for my household in 2014.

I am finished moving; thank God. Moving is tiring and strenuous work. Getting everything back in its place and trying to find things. The one thing I did not like about moving....NO CRAFTING. I put everything into my craft space and I am still getting it together. I need another expedit from Ikea. Even though they hold quite a bit, the ones I have are not enough and since I wanted to keep my bookshelf (the walmart/target kind) I don't have room for 2 large ones. There's nothing wrong with it so I don't want to throw it out.
The bookshelf stills needs to be [better] organized...HA!. Once I get the other expedit, some of that stuff will come off along with the clear paper containers on the floor. I liked them when I got them, but now realize they take up quite a bit of space. The brown paper on top of the clear storage was packaging from when I ordered things. I now use it to cover my desk when I'm art journaling and then I cut it up to use it in the art journal. The bells on the third shelf are being packed into the Christmas stuff. I will be using them next Christmas on a wreath. Let's see if I can find them then.

I kept my fabric storage chest that I got for I think $20 from a garage sale. I need to start using some of the fabric. I've got scrap fabric in the garage that I need to use or toss. The lamp on my desk...I'm so proud of me. I found it at the Goodwill back in November. I paid $7 for it. Around Christmas time, we went to a few antique stores and I saw the same one for $30. Yippee Yippee Cah Yeah....I luv for other crafty things.

I have not really been in my craft room a lot other than to "try" to get it organized. I did make a few cards. I made a Christmas card for a neighbor and a thank you card for a young lady at church.
For the Christmas card, I used the Stampin' Up lovely as a tree stamp and snowflake embossing folder along with Tim Holtz Distress Ink . To get the look of snow, I dipped a toothbrush in bleach and flicked the bleach onto the stamped image. The 2nd card I can't remember if it was a Raisin Boat stamp or another. I think I may have used another stamp was Fiskars Latte Love stamp. I started making a few cards using the Raisin Boat but they aren't done.


Other than that, no crafting. I'm itching to play in my art journal but it won't be today. I took down the Christmas decorations yesterday and today they need to be back in the garage, but I've got to attempt to get it semi organized to get it in there.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day and it's a new year and a new time to celebrate and another day to give God praise.

Be Blessed

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