Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Journal Fall Page

Well, well...It has been way too long to not be creative. I have to laugh that I've been working on one (1) art journal page for a week. I wanted to use something from my Silhouette portrait for the fall but I am not really into Halloween. I like the fall colors and I miss living in the Midwest where you can experience the change of seasons, hear the leaves crunching, and see the fall colors coming into bloom, the smell of fall air. But I would not trade sunny FL for it.

I added the stickers as an after thought. They have been sitting for so long and weren't sticking to well so I put a bit of Elmer's on the back of them. The background stencil is a crafter's workshop branches stencil.
I luv the way it all came together, even after the stickers. I luv that the colors are muted like fall, there's a bit of darkness in the sky, the pumpkins for a bountiful harvest and the worn paint on the bench. I used a both distress and cheapo acrylic paint. Oh and if you look close enough you see graffiti on the bench and I luv that I have someone special to enjoy this fall with.
Well all, just wanted to share my bit of fall inspiration. Pull out your Silhouette, Cricut, or your choice of cutter and easily pull together a journal page.
Hope you all enjoyed the extra hour of sleep.
Be Well.

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