Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 240

Good Morning Ladies,

Today I'm participating in Stamping Ground's WOYWW.  I enjoy checking out crafting that's going on elsewhere, I enjoy seeing the messy desks, the flow of creativity trapped in the rooms of the crafters, and knowing that when they are crafting they are enjoying it and being filled with joy and happiness. Even when we get frustrated when something does not turn out the way we told/wanted it to, crafting is our fresh air, our fun place.

Still [trying to] get my craft room organized. I ordered a few Whimsy stamps a few weeks ago and decided to pull them out and play with them. I'm still learning how to not get bleed thru with my copics.  I was also trying to put up a pegboard over my art journaling desk, but my screws were not long enough so I took it down until I can get to the hardware store.

Well here are my desks.
This is my art journaling desk. It's the first desk I had and the top has paint stains. I've since (after the paint) put a plexi glass on top and on top I that I put packaging paper for paint drips and that piece will eventually be cut down to be used in journal. The peg board will be on the wall behind (hopefully by Fri/Sat). Desk is in the middle of transition/cleaning

I use this desk for "clean" projects. The pile of notebooks on the left are being worked on. They will be altered notebooks for Valentine's Day. See the one under the eraser, I'm going to paint and alter 4 more...this one was the test tummy. The rack holding up the glue storage came from the other desk. Why can't organizing be done once and for all? Well today is not a craft day, but I'm working on cleaning and organizing my closet.
I put up 2 Ikea racks for my purses but think I need one more. This is just one of them.
Hope you all are having a fantabulous day.
Be Blessed.


  1. Hi Anita,
    Thanks for the visit this week. My lights are OTT lights, have had the black one for years. Since Betsy is in a closet I needed two, so I took the one my DH didn't acre for.
    It must be great to have two desks!
    Krisha #85

    1. Thanks Krisha, I just got mine and it was 50% off at Joanne's. It makes a huge difference in my room. thanks for the info.

  2. awesome looking crafting spaces. I don't think their is anyway to keep from bleeding through with the copics. I just back cards or tags or fussy cut the image and pop it up on pop dots. I love Ikea! So many good storage ideas! Thanks for Sharing....Vickie #104

  3. Hi Anita, Happy WOYWW. RE-organising is always exciting, hope your peg board goes up soon!

    Cazzy x #88

  4. Hi there, my piggy is my Piglit coaster! Nothing exciting I'm afraid but a very valued piece in my room. It takes ages to organise and then so quickly gets messy again doesn't it?! #39

  5. Super desks you have there! I love busy and creative desks.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #50