Thursday, June 14, 2012

Card Swap

Hi All,

I am so excited. I particiapted in my first ever event...a card swap over at Scraps of Color. It was a bit of a challenge getting all the cards done due to a family matter, but I met the deadline. The card design is not what I originally had in mind, but due to time I had to change it. I like the end result. I can't wait to see what I receive in the swap.

The cards are A2 size, which IMO made it easier and quicker to make. I did not use a lot of embellishments because I wanted the card to be easy and inexpensive for others to mail them.

I chose colors/themes you'd find in a male necktie/shirt or complimentary.

The theme was birthday cards. I used a tan base with black, browns, and whites.

I used a sentiment that I found on the web, not sure where and made it brown to match the card. I border under the sentiment is the scraps of paper that were left from cutting the paper to size. I thought this would be a good way not to add to the already mess of scrap paper I already have.

The envelopes, I stamped brown with Happy Birthday sentiment to match the card and give it a bit of uumph.

I still have not learned to write down what paper collection or stamp set I'm using. But I will definitely do it for the next card (no promises).

Hope you enjoyed the card as much as I did and I'm looking forward to doing a challenge where I only make one card.


  1. Very cute card, love the color you used great job you have a lovely blog,I enjoy myself while I was here.

  2. Fab card, great colours and papers